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America's Wild Border: Northern Exposure

America’s northern border with Canada stretches 5,525 miles - the longest international boundary in the world. These borderlands encompass a remarkable range of habitats and weather extremes, from searing desert to freezing tundra, desolate grassland to lush rain forest, frigid ocean to freshwater lake. They are home to epic migrations and a surprising diversity of wildlife, where, for much of the route, nature’s inhabitants are only constrained by the challenges of the terrain and the changing seasons. But as we follow a year in the northern borderlands, we discover that even in the absence of a physical border, the political boundary poses many problems for wild residents.

Produced in collaboration with Tamarin Productions Inc. 

Genre: Natural History Documentary

Length: 1 x 60 (UHD | HD)

Broadcasters:  Love Nature, Smithsonian Channel

America's Wild Seasons

AMERICA’S WILD SEASONS is a landmark four-part documentary series that celebrates the drama and spectacle of the American wilderness. Captured over the course of a full year, on the ground, in the air and beneath the waves to weave tales of the diverse and iconic American landscape and the distinctive wildlife that call it home. AMERICA’S WILD SEASONS tells the story of a country that is varied and extreme, where seasonal trials are as big and amplified as the land itself.

Produced in collaboration with Tamarin Productions Inc. 

Genre: Natural History Documentary (Limited Series)

Length: 4 x 60 (UHD | HD)

Broadcasters:  Love Nature, Smithsonian Channel

Takaya: Lone Wolf

The remarkable story of a solitary wolf living against the odds and his close bond with renowned wildlife photographer Cheryl Alexander.

Co-Produced with Cineflix and Talesmith

Genre: Documentary

Length: 1 x 60 (HD)

Broadcasters:  CBC's The Nature of Things, BBC, ARTE


The adventures of Dez, a rookie young leprechaun with wonky wish granting powers and his two best friends, Akiko and Puffin. Together, they go on a variety of escapades and contend with wishes gone out of control. 

Associate Producer Bruce Whitty and his team provided Business Affairs and Accounting Services for this cutting edge Canadian animated series created and produced by John Hazlett, Lienne Sawatsky and Dan Williams of Wishfart Productions Inc. 

Genre: Animation

Length: 20 x 30 (HD)

Broadcasters:  Teletoon

Very Bad Men

Predators, swindlers and masters of fraud Very Bad Men are everywhere. This incredible true crime series exposes some of the most notorious criminals on record as told by key members of the police, family, friends and the victims themselves. Each episode details the methods of fraud, bigamy, crimes of passion, murder and the horrendous impact these men have had on their victim's lives, leaving little doubt that these are some Very Bad Men!

Bruce Whitty Associate Produced this landmark true crime series created and produced by CEO and Executive Producer Lynn Booth of  Make Believe Media Inc. 

Genre: True Crime Series

Length: 30 x 30 - Season I & Season II (HD)

Broadcasters:  Investigation Discovery (ID)

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